Make Various Styles with one Skater Skirt.

I think that a skater skirt is one of most popular skirt to women especially young girls. Basic skater skirt is very versatile on making daily casual styles. But, if you mix and match the colors, you can make totally different styles with a basic skater skirt.

If you match a basic green skater skirt skirt with simple red T-shirt, you can make a Christmas Party style easily.

Even if it is the same orange skater skirt, upon the matching tops, shoes and socks, you can make totally different styles.

As you can see on the pictures, you can make various styles with one white skater skirt: neat styles, cosplay style, lovely style and so on.
Following the colors you use when styling, you can switch style mood easily.

Styling is not difficult if you are with Dani’s Choice skirts and socks!

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