• Skirts
    The skirts are shipped from the warehouse in US.
    So, it is hardly shipped to the other countries except US.
    (If you are the customer in other countries not US, Please contact us.)
    After the order, it will be shipped within 1~3 days.
    The delivery usually takes about a week after shipping.
  • Socks and Hair accessories
    Socks and Hair accessories are shipped from our base in South Korea.
    They can be shipped to worldwide.
    The orders are shipped within 1~3 days through international air mail(postal service).
    And the the delivery usually takes about 1~3 weeks after shipping.

We always try to give you fully satisfied purchase.
Because our base is in South Korea, the return can be difficult in some cases.
So, please think carefully before placing order.
But, don’t worry.
We guarantee that we issue a refund or exchange if there is a defect on the item.
And if you are in US or UK and have an intention about returning, it is better to purchase from Amazon store of Dani’s Choice. 
After receiving the item, if you have any problem, please contact us at any time!



We can offer you custom orders and wholesale orders. 
On custom orders and wholesale orders, there is the minimum amount and the prices can be different upon the quantity. 
So, if you want to place a custom order or a wholesale order, please contact us first. 
Please place the order with enough time because it takes a while to prepare the products for custom orders and wholesale orders.